How Do VI Peels Work?

How Do VI Peels Work?

VI peels are skin treatment plans that improve your skin’s appearance by breaking down the top layer of skin and revealing the healthy, younger layer of skin underneath. VI peels are chemical peels that reduce the effects of aging on the skin and improve skin tone and texture on the face, chest, neck, arms, back, and legs. VI peels typically take several treatments to achieve the desired outcome. Treatments usually take about 30 minutes and are relatively painless and are easily maintained by following the aftercare instructions given by your certified provider.

Who Needs VI Peels?

VI peels are used on all different types and tones of skin to treat acne, signs of aging, discoloration, skin texture, and scarring. VI peels are considered medium-grade peels and can effectively eliminate hyperpigmentation and other skin issues that are typically difficult to address. Although VI peels are beneficial and safe for most people, people with exceptionally dry and sensitive skin may need to steer clear from VI peels due to their purpose of drying acne-prone or oily skin. 

VI Peel At Muse Medical Spa

Have you been looking for a VI peel in Troy, MI, Warren, MI, Sterling Heights, MI, or the surrounding areas? If so, Muse Medical Spa has what you’re looking for. The board-certified professionals at MUSE are dedicated to providing personalized care to help you achieve your skin goals. We will apply the most recent cosmetic research and clinical studies to every treatment to ensure client satisfaction and safety. To learn more about our services, call us at 313-525-0230 or contact us online today!

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