Sun Spot, Lesion, and Mole Removal

Blemish Removal

Sun spots, lesions, and moles are most commonly the result of exposure to the sun and UV rays. The build-up of melanin in the skin causes some of these issues to protect the cells beneath the surface from harmful rays. Removing these blemishes can be an easy process, involving the use of a handheld tool to deliver energy to the affected areas, causing the blemish to scab and fall off.

Advanced Removal

MUSE uses an advanced Skintel® melanin reader to customize the treatment experience to the specific needs of the patient. Our system is effective on an array of benign pigmented lesions, capable of removing blemishes without damaging the surface of the skin. Advanced radiowave technology is used to precisely cut and coagulate soft tissue in affected areas.

Our professional treatments can greatly reduce blemishes in the skin caused by sun damage, but there is more that can be done outside of the procedure to limit damage.

  • Wear SPF sunscreen: The reduction of exposure to UV rays can help protect from further sun spots and even the risk of certain types of cancer.
  • Use protective clothing: Areas prone to sunburn should be covered to protect the skin and remain comfortable under the sun.
  • Follow-up treatments: Scheduling several sessions will have cumulative benefits for your skin, leading to long-lasting results that may be maintained using further skin protection recommendations.

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