PRP for Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Facial Rejuvenation with PRP

PRP has been used in the field of aesthetic medical care to boost facial rejuvenation, volume, and glow, help heal from scars, as well as bolster and promote quicker healing after plastic surgery.

How PRP Helps Facial Procedures

Platelet-Rich Plasma injections works in three main areas. Topical – on the skin for blemishes and scars, a process similar to microneedling. Subcutaneous injections – to restore volume and collagen to the face (more commonly known as a “vampire facelift”). Facelift Surgery – PRP is applied to the undersurface of the skin and the edges of the wound allowing patients to knit and mend more quickly


PRP, also known as stem cell therapy, is an innovative, organic procedure that uses the body’s own plasma to support and stimulate natural healing, renewal, and cellular growth.


Human blood is composed of four main elements: plasma, red and white blood cells, and platelets. The platelets include proteins, known as growth factors, which are vital in mending wounds and injuries and supporting the formation of blood clots.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

The benefits of PRP treatment include: Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, Enhancement of skin texture and tone, Tightening of skin and improvement in skin laxity, Improvement of crepey skin, Generation of new collagen fibers.

The body possesses an unlimited supply of plasma and platelets providing patients with practically endless access to platelets and growth factors. A PRP application or injection has an extremely high concentration of platelets, making it five to ten times more potent than anything typically found in human blood. It also contains cytokines, which activate the healing of soft tissue.

Stem cells possess the uncanny ability to transform into virtually any cell in the body and can promote rapid healing and recovery when applied to damaged or skin or bone.

“PRP is all natural, totally safe, with no allergic reactions,” says Dr. Gross. “It’s taken from the patient’s blood, so there is a very high acceptance rate. Satisfaction rates have also been high.”

Your provider will prepare the stem cell injection by drawing a small amount of blood (around 5cc) and then isolating and concentrating the platelet-rich plasma and growth factors by spinning the liquid in a centrifuge. Once the growth factors are extracted, and the PRP solution prepared, it can be applied or injected directly onto the damaged tissue and mixed with your remaining blood.

The Results

Common areas treated with PRP include: Wrinkles on the forehead, Fine lines around the eyes, Dark circles under the eyes, Acne, Crepey skin, Nasal labial folds.

Topical and injectable PRP treatments involve minimal to no downtime. Most patients will see an immediate improvement in texture and tone that will last up to three months. When combined with plastic surgery, PRP will promote faster healing of scar tissue.

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