How Long Do Chemical Peels Last?

How Long Do Chemical Peels Last?

The duration of a chemical peel is influenced by its type and whether it’s administered by a professional. Light peels typically maintain their effects for one to two months, while medium peels can last from two to six months. Deep peels, on the other hand, can yield long-lasting results that can extend for years. However, these timelines are not set in stone and can vary based on your unique skin characteristics. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek the guidance of a chemical peel specialist who can recommend the most suitable peel for your skin. 

What Should I Expect From Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels can effectively remove dead skin cells, revealing the younger, more vibrant skin underneath. They also improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and enhance skin tone. Our skin professionals will guide you through the aftercare treatment to ensure the continued beauty and maintenance of your skin.  Depending on the results you’re aiming for, it’s crucial to consult with a professional to find the right chemical peel for your skin type. 

At-Home Chemical Peels vs. Professional Treatments

Professional treatments at a medical spa offer customers more than just a chemical peel. They provide expert guidance, customized treatments, and advanced techniques. Our professionals are trained to consult with you, identify your skin type, and provide their expert guidance and expertise. In contrast, at-home chemical peels come with more negative risks, including the potential for incorrect use, less effectiveness compared to a professional mask, and a lack of customization for your skin.

Chemical Peels at Muse Medical Spa

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