How Well Does Body Contouring Work?

How Well Does Body Contouring Work?

Body contouring with EMSCULPT NEO is a modern, customizable treatment that causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions that tone and strengthen the muscles. It is a non-invasive treatment that can address specific areas, such as the stomach, buttocks, calves & thighs, and arms, where stubborn fat accumulates. Clinical studies show consistency in eliminating fat and building muscle, with results showing an average of 25% more muscle, and 30% less fat after treatment. SculpSure Body Sculpting has a 94% patient satisfaction rate and targets stubborn fat under the chin, stomach, back, and thighs.

How Long Are Body Contouring Sessions?

Body contouring sessions provide fat elimination and muscle building in each 30-minute session. The time required for body contouring sessions may vary slightly based on the area being treated. Improvements will be noticeable around 1 to 2 months after treatment and can last up to 10 years or more when complimented with a steady exercise routine and healthy diet and lifestyle choices. The number of treatments patients require will depend on their goals, usually, patients take around four to six months to complete their treatments.

Body Contouring At Muse Medical Spa

If you are interested in body contouring in Sterling Heights, MI, Birmingham, MI, Rochester Hills, MI, or the surrounding areas, look no further than MUSE Medical Spa. We offer non-invasive body sculpting treatments such as EMSCULPT NEO Body Sculpting and SculpSure Body Sculpting. We offer a wide range of wellness treatments performed by board-certified professionals. Call us at (248) 823-7773 or contact us online to learn more about us or schedule an appointment today.

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